OKBET American League, we’re nearing the end of the 2022 OKBET MLB Baseball season, which means it’s time to look at some updated pennant odds. Sportsbook on the internet At +150, OKBET has the Houston Astros as the new favorite to win the American League championship. The New York Yankees (+200), Toronto Blue Jays (+575), and Seattle Mariners (+900) are next.

Are you new to baseball betting? Check out our OKBET MLB Betting Guide for more information. Keep an eye on our MLB odds page for the most recent betting lines. Below is a comprehensive analysis of the American League odds:


Odds To Win The American League In 2022

While the Astros began the season as the American League’s favorite, they’ve exchanged places with the Yankees throughout the season at OKBET American League. According to our sports betting calculator, the Astros’ +150 odds to win the American League indicate an estimated victory probability of 40.00 percent.

Yankees vs. Astros for AL Championship

The Yankees and Astros have been the two greatest teams in the American League for the most of the season, and they have consistently been at the top of these odds and World Series odds at OKBET AMERICAN LEAGUE.

New York’s offense and pitching have been outstanding, but it is Aaron Judge who is carrying the team this season. The Bronx slugger is on track for a record homer total and carried the Yankees when the rest of the lineup went down with injuries late in the season at OKBET MLB Baseball.

However, the Astros are equally as dangerous as the Yankees at OKBET AMERICAN LEAGUE. The Astros have superseded the Yankees as AL favorites, with Justin Verlander heading the rotation and some good depth signings like Trey Mancini and Christian Vazquez at the trade deadline.


Sleeper AL Pennant Pick: Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays, who won 100 games last year and frequently contend in the playoffs yet are priced at +1200 to win the American League this year, are one club that has my interest in terms of value. The Rays, who are currently in a playoff slot, are on pace for more than 85 wins this season and should reach the playoffs. While it will require somewhat better performance from Tampa, these odds undervalue the Rays’ prospects of unseating New York and Houston when it counts the most.

Despite having most of their roster on the disabled list, the Rays have kept up with the other AL postseason candidates this year. On the offensive side, important hitters like Wander Franco, Harold Ramirez, and Manuel Margot have returned, while late-season pitching aid should return with Shane McClanahan, Shane Baz, and Tyler Glasnow all back or making their way off the IL.

If the Rays get healthy, this is not a club I’d want to face in October.

How to Bet on the OKBET American League Pennant Odds

When you visit your favorite sportsbook, you’ll notice an opportunity to bet on the American League pennant odds futures, which is a long-term wager on which club will represent the American League in the World Series. The odds would be given as follows:

  • +375 Houston Astros
  • +375 New York Yankees
  • +1200 Toronto Blue Jays
  • +1500 Tamp Bay Rays

The smaller the oddsboard, the less probable the team is to win, but the larger the reward if they do. If you placed $100 on the Rays in these futures and they win the AL, you’d earn a $1,600 payoff – your initial $100 is repaid, plus with your $1,500 gains. The identical wager amount on the Astros or Yankees, on the other hand, would result in a payout of $475 – you receive your $100 back plus the gains of $375. Our Odds Calculator will help you figure out how much you’d win based on the odds and the amount staked.


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