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OKBET Dota 2 The International is the most prestigious competition in Dota 2 esports, with a big prize fund to match. Top-tier teams battle in the annual tournament to be named Dota 2’s kings and proudly display the Aegis of Champions in front of their supporters. The International has millions of Twitch viewers and tens of thousands of fans that travel to its ever-changing venues. The event often features “Cinderella moments,” in which underdog teams defy oddsmakers and OKBET esports betting forecasters to defeat the OKBET Dota 2 TI favorites and win the championship.

The prize pool is incredible, with TI10 holding the world’s highest prize pool. The prize pool for the 2021 incarnation of the event was $40 million, a massive sum when compared to previous tournaments that don’t even reach the $3 million level. We will look at how prize pools have evolved since the inaugural The International tournament, as well as the source of these prize pools and the estimated prize pool for TI11.

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The Dota 2 TI prize pool’s history

The prize pools in Dota 2 TI were not always as huge. Natus Vincere, the CIS juggernaut, won the inaugural TI for $1.6 million. The prize pool remained low for all subsequent TIs until TI4, when it increased significantly to $10.9 million. In the last Dota 2 TI in 2021, it ultimately hit $40 million.

EventYearPrize Pool
The International 12011$1.6 million
The International 22012$1.6 million
The International 32013$2.8 million
The International 42014$10.9 million
The International 52015$18.4 million
The International 62016$20.7 million
The International 72017$24.7 million
The International 82018$25.5 million
The International 92019$34.3 million
The International 102021$40 million
The International 112022$13.6 million (TBD)

What is the source of the prize fund in Dota 2’s The International?

A strong prize pool is essential when staging an esports competition, and the OKBET Dota 2 TI winners will not be disappointed! The competition may not be as tough or, possibly, as intriguing if there is no appealing reward pool! Less exciting matches might lead to a decrease in fan base.

The prize pool in OKBET Dota 2 TI keeps the battle intense by providing large stakes for teams to compete for. The source of the prize fund in Dota 2 The International also refers to how high it has risen at OKBET Dota Esports.

OKBET Dota 2

The starting prize pool was $1.6 million before it skyrocketed. Valve then launched a new method that enabled OKBET Dota 2 The International prize pool investors to participate. When Dota 2 players buy the battle pass, a portion of the overall battle pass revenues are allocated to the prize pool. Because the fans has consistently purchased the battle pass, the prize pool has continually increased over time.

Valve’s use of crowdfunding and other strategies has significantly increased the prize pool for OKBET Dota 2 The International. Crowdfunding has also resulted in a strong desire among fans to donate to the prize pool in order to retain Dota 2 TI as the largest competition in esports. Valve also offers specific cosmetics and in-game features that, when purchased, contribute to the tournament.

How much will the prize pool for Dota TI11 be?

With last year’s prize pool being the greatest in esports history, Dota 2 TI 2022 has a significant gap to close in order to outperform previous year. However, according to statistics, the Dota 2 fandom has been progressively declining in recent months. This is due to some fans not receiving the desired experience at events or online, such as the cosmetics in the battle pass.

More than $13 million has now been given to the prize pool, an increase from the initial prize fund of $1.6 million. Although participants anticipate it may climb before the event, it may wind up being a long cry from the last Dota 2 The International prize pool.

OKBET Dota 2 TI teams are among the biggest in the world, and they rely on victories to stay in business. The prize fund may be less, but this will have no effect on team performance or the enthusiasm around The International event.

The OKBET Dota 2 TI 11 champions will be looking forward to the competition, regardless of whether the prize pool exceeds last year’s. There will be fights and extraordinary performance among the world’s best Dota 2 TI teams, as players are refusing to back down, even if PSG is there. LGD is the current Dota 2 TI 11 betting favorite to carry the Aegis shield this year.

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