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Dota 2 The OKBET International 2022 is approaching the day when the Aegis of Champions will be crowned. With the Last Chance Qualifiers over, we can now focus on the group stage at the Online Betting OKBET.

OKBET International

Taking a look back at the Last Chance Qualifiers

The LCQs finished a few days ago when OKBET International, with just two teams progressing to the TI, Team Liquid and Team Spirit. The format, which took place over four days between October 8 and October 12, gave everyone a fair shot, even if they didn’t do well in the group round at Online Betting OKBET.

In the end, this worked out fairly nicely for the two qualifiers, with Liquid finishing as the top seed in Group B and Secret finishing third in Group C. Secret, in particular, struggled in the group stage, drawing four series but winning just one. They did, however, absolutely change the tide in the playoffs.

Their third seed meant they advanced straight to the upper bracket quarterfinals, where they defeated Xtreme Gaming 2-1 before dispatching T1 and Virtus.

Pro 2-0 each to advance to the next round. Liquid dropped to the lower bracket after losing to Virtus.Pro, but subsequently played and defeated the same opponent to join Team Secret.

Format for a group stage

With the conclusion of the LCQs at OKBET International, all twenty seeds have been confirmed for the group stage. Twenty teams have been separated into two groups and will now compete in a single round-robin tournament, with all matches being best-of-two. Between October 15 and 19, the Dota 2 TI schedule is jam-packed, with 60 games compressed into four days on Online Betting OKBET.

Sixteen of these teams will advance to the Main Event, while the remaining four will be forced to return home. The top four will advance to the Upper Bracket Online Betting Sites, while those in fifth through eighth place will be relegated to the lower bracket. Below, we’ve broken out the tournament’s favorites, which should fulfill all of your Dota 2 TI11 betting requirements.

OKBET International

Will this be PSG.LGD’s year?

The Chinese team is one of three key challengers for the victory, and the TI11 odds are stacked in their favor. They have had a lot of success this year, topping Tour I and II of the Dota Pro Circuit China Division 1. PSG’s form fell somewhat during Tour III in July, increasing concerns about their ability to compete at the forthcoming TI.

All worries were addressed when they won the Riyadh Masters, defeating Team Spirit 2-0 in the grand final and taking home a big $1.5 million prize. They finished second in the PGL Majors in Arlington in August, but were beaten in the final by Spirit.

After coming so close to winning the title at TI10, their recent pro circuit performance implies that this may finally be their year. They have never won The International in the last decade, despite being one of the best teams in the world, with many second and third-place results.

Can Team Spirit repeat their success from last year?

Last year, Spirit’s surprising triumph at TI rocked the Dota community to its core at OKBET International. They swept the championship from under the feet of the side most generally favored to win it, PSG, after making it to the Main Event despite years of futile efforts to qualify.

OKBET International

It’s worth noting that, despite LGD dominating the head-to-head record between the two teams, winning six and matching one series out of nine, the only two defeats have occurred in key grand finals. This demonstrates Spirit’s killer instinct and ability to remain calm under duress, while simultaneously highlighting the white elephant in the room, LGD’s failure to finish off key games.

Spirit remain identical from a year ago, playing the same lineup that propelled them to victory at TI last year, and it’s paid off. Over the previous three months, they placed second in the Riyadh Cup and then won the PGL Arlington Majors – two significant event finals in the second part of the year.

More than likely, we’ll witness a third Spirit against PSG grand final in a row, unless another side surprises us as Spirit did last year.

OG is now at full vigor.

OG has a youthful team that is obviously eager for success and has the capacity to live up to the high standards set by their predecessors. They’ve had a fantastic year after finishing 7th-8th at TI last year at OKBET Esports Betting.

They were became the third organization to win a fifth Major championship in 2022. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to field a complete roster for the most of the season. Their commander, Misha, has been plagued by visa troubles and has been unable to participate in the majority of important competitions for his squad this year.

Former player Ceb and coach Chuvash have had to fill in for him, but now that they’re back at full health, we should anticipate huge things from this team. Without a question, they are one among the favorites to win the Dota 2 TI championship at OKBET.

Team Aster is peaking at the perfect moment.

Aster has never gotten the full respect they deserve, constantly being eclipsed by its more famed colleagues LGD. They’ve always been one step behind, but if their recent performances are any indication, they’re finally ready to compete at the highest level.

OKBET International

Aster finished third at the PGL Arlington Majors, losing to eventual champions Fnatic 2-1 in the quarterfinals, then finished runners-up at the ESL One Malaysia only a few weeks after Online Betting. They might create havoc for the top three at TI, just like they did in the Majors in the second part of the year, so don’t dismiss them.

The dark horses are an entity.

Entity had a powerful performance in the two Majors they attended in the later part of the year, the PGL Majors in Arlington and the ESL One in Malaysia. They were seeded 5th-6th in both, but were eliminated by Team Aster in Arlington and Fnatic in Malaysia.

Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko was the driving force behind their rise to prominence, yet he is just one guy. The squad has developed by leaps and bounds, as indicated by their impressive performance in Arlington, where they were seeded among the top six. This was despite Pure’s absence from the competition due to his inability to get a visa in time at OKBET International.

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