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On Wednesday at OKBET MLB Betting, July 7, 2021, the Chicago Cubs were run line (+1.5, -150) and moneyline (+115) underdogs against the Philadelphia Phillies (-1.5, +125 run line, and -140 moneyline) in a game with an over/under total of 7 (-120 over 7, +100 under 7) at OKBET MLB Baseball.


What exactly is a run line? What does -150 stand for? How do you figure out the payment for an over/under bet?

OKBET MLB betting delivers non-stop excitement and infinite possibilities to wager on baseball with over 3,000 games in each MLB season from spring training to the World Series. If you’re new to baseball betting or need a refresher on vocabulary, calculating payments, and other topics, here’s a primer to understanding MLB betting odds online:

What exactly is the run line?

Baseball’s counterpart of a point spread, the run line, is the margin of victory established by the bookmaker. If you’re acquainted with NFL or NBA betting, the Chicago Cubs +1.5 is comparable to the Dallas Cowboys +1.5 or the Los Angeles Lakers -4.5.

Unlike NFL betting, NBA betting, or other high-scoring sports, pre-game run lines seldom vary; before a baseball game begins, the run lines are nearly always -1.5 and +1.5. After a game begins, run lines for live OKBET MLB Betting alter, and you’re more likely to see +1, -1, +3, -3, and so on.

Each run line comes with odds that decide your payout. If you had wagered $100 on the Cubs at -150 on July 7, you would have gotten a payout of $166.67 (including stake) after the Cubs’ 8-3 victory on OKBET MLB Betting.

  • What exactly is the Moneyline?
  • Which team will triumph?

The moneyline for MLB odds works in the same way that it does for any other sport having a moneyline. A OKBET MLB Betting is a wager on the winner regardless of the margin of victory or game duration as long as the game is declared legitimate.

If you put $100 on the Cubs’ moneyline (+115), you would have gotten a $215 reward after the Cubs won.

  • What is the total over/under?
  • How many runs will the Cubs and Phillies score combined?

Over/under bets are presented as one over/under figure – in this example, 7 – and odds, which determine the payout, much as run line bets. After Andrew McCutchen’s two-run homer in the sixth inning cut the Phillies’ lead to two runs at 5-3, a $100 bet on over 7 runs at -120 would have paid out $183.33.

What exactly are Baseball Prop Bets?

OKBET provides hundreds of prop bets for each game in addition to run line, moneyline, and over/under bets. There were over 50 accessible before and during the Cubs-Phillies game, including:

  • Which team will be the first to score a run?
  • Phillies: -190
  • Cubs: +145

Will one or more runs be scored by each club in the first three innings?

  • Yes: +210
  • No: -350

Moneyline throughout the first five innings

  • Phillies – 175
  • Cubs – 145

Total Runs and Moneyline

  • Over 6.5 and the Phillies: +180
  • Phillies above 6.5: +310 Cubs over 6.5: +280 Cubs under 6.5: +360

Props are a unique chance to identify advantageous odds for a specific event if you don’t like the pre-game run lines, moneylines, or over/under totals – or in addition to putting bets on such odds at OKBET MLB Betting.

Baseball Betting in Real Time

Baseball is an excellent choice for live OKBET MLB Betting. Pre-game MLB lines were set minutes before Alec Mills threw the opening pitch to Jean Segura. After Segura struck out on the opening pitch, live baseball betting began at OKBET MLB Betting.

You may make live bets on run lines, money lines, over/under totals, and more by seeing live odds on the OKBET live betting website, MLB betting page, or baseball odds page. This live sports betting tutorial demonstrates how simple it is to make live bets.

MLB Spreads

OKBET MLB bets may be combined into parlays to increase the thrill and rewards of your MLB betting experience. Instead of betting on the Cubs’ run line and over 7 runs separately, you could have merged the two bets into one parlay to boost your possible reward. If both bets had come in, a $100 parlay bet would have paid out $305.55.

Baseball Futures

Throughout the season, you may wager on World Series odds at OKBET MLB Betting, division winner odds, and more. The 2021 World Series odds were available at OKBET shortly after the last out in the 2020 World Series. Whether you want to bet on one team during spring training, two teams during the All-Star break, or three or four teams in September, World Series betting is simple and enjoyable regardless of your baseball expertise or betting experience.

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