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OKBET Moonton Games, the business that created Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), was granted 220,000 yuan (€29,000) after a court found in their favor in a commercial defamation action against Tencent on OKBET Esports Betting.

The massive Chinese-based technology corporation lost the complaint in China’s Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, which decided that Moonton Games had been defamed as a result of a series of letters written by Tencent’s Indonesian attorney to Moonton Games’ partners in Indonesia.

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Difficult Situation

The process began while the current CEO of Moonton Games, Xu Zhenhua, was working for Tencent, and as part of the contract that he signed with the firm, he committed to a non-competition provision in that contract while working for the company.

Mr Zhenhua was still working for Tencent under that contract when he founded Moonton Games in 2014, becoming the company’s CEO in the process OKBET Esports Betting.

Tencent attorneys decided that there was enough evidence to imply that there were more than enough similarities between MLBB and Riot Gaming’ famous League of Legends titles when Moonton Games published its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang OKBET esport mobile games title.

Tencent responded by launching their own legal fight against Mr Zhenhua, which Tencent won, but there was no legal conclusion made as part of that verdict on whether Mr Zhenhua had violated his contract or exploited his position at Tencent to pass on trade secrets to his new firm.

OKBET Moonton

Given that non-ruling, OKBET Moonton Games alleged in their counter-suit that Tencent committed commercial defamation by sending warning letters to its Indonesian partners, such as RevivalTV, alleging that Mr Zhenhua had stolen trade secrets, despite Mr Zhenhua losing the lawsuit against Tencent.

Mr Zhenhua and Moonton Games were awarded the sum mentioned above after the court found in their favor.

In the United States, there are ongoing legal battles.

However, this is not OKBET Moonton Games’ first legal dispute with Tencent, and many firms in the esports market are keeping a careful eye on what occurs.

Tencent launched a lawsuit against the corporation in the United States, alleging copyright infringement. They noticed some eerie parallels between the MLBB title artwork and the names of Riot Games’ League of Legends and Wild Rift games.

Furthermore, Tencent observed notable parallels between a number of characters in MLBB and those in its League of Legends series. That legal fight is still underway, having been launched in May 2022, and it might be a long and costly procedure for the mobile gaming firm before a decision is reached.

When do similarities become issues of copyright?

The key question in this case, and indeed in many copyright disputes, is when similarities in games cease to be acceptable and become grounds for copyright legal action.

Many famous games have similar traits, but most corporations will follow Tencent’s lead and go to court if they believe their intellectual property has been pirated.

Mr Zhenhua may have won his 220,000 yuan suit, but after losing a much bigger case and facing future legal action, he may have won one battle, but the struggle continues.

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