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This week’s OKBET Poker Player may surprise you since it does not revolve on Garrett Adelstein and Robbi Jade Lew. Yes, the J-4 issue is still trending on Twitter, but this week we’re concentrating on something a bit less contentious: Daniel Negreanu.

Mr Negreanu specifically taught us that being too old for a nightclub is a genuine thing in Korea. The OKBET Poker Player ambassador is now on vacation after winning the $3.3 million Super High Roller Bowl VII in Las Vegas.

We’re very confident Negreanu celebrated his victory in Vegas. We’re not sure how he celebrated, although he may have popped bottles at a Vegas nightclub. However, he was unable to do so in Korea. He couldn’t even get a drink at one specific establishment.

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Daniel Negreanu Is Refused Entry to a Korean Bar

Kid Poker traveled to Korea alongside World Series of Poker champion Josh Arieh and poker pundit Ali Nejad. According to his Tweet, the three, along with another buddy, intended to drink at Waikiki Beach Club. Unfortunately, the bouncers had other plans.

Negreanu and colleagues were questioned for identification at OKBET Poker Player. They’re all over 21, so it’s not an issue. But there was an issue. Anyone born before 1985, according to the bouncers, was not permitted in. Negreanu and Arieh were both born in 1974. Even though Nejad is four years younger, he was too old.

The tweet piqued the interest of western poker players, who are more used to confirming their age before entering a club.

At the time of writing, more than 2,000 individuals, including Fedor Holz, have loved Negreanu’s video on OKBET Poker Player. The German poker player said that he was inside and would have liked the company of some elderly individuals.

Nejad went on to explain that he nearly gave the bouncers a bribe to go in but decided against it. Most people’s natural reaction was a combination of amazement, laughter, and some advise for Negreanu concerning his moniker.

From Young Man Poker to Old Man Poker

Someone went there, that’s for sure. To be more specific, a small group of individuals went there on OKBET Poker Player. With everyone, including Negreanu, laughing about the issue, David Ottosen said it would be time to retire the title, Kid Poker.

“This may be the universe telling you it’s time to retire the Kid Poker moniker:D,” Ottosen said on Twitter.

Other individuals responded to Negreanu’s tweet by offering him a new moniker. Chuck Han proposed Real Uncle Poker, but Charlie212111 believed Old Kid Poker would be more apt. No Longer Kid Poker, Real Too Old Poker, and Real Old Man Poker were all suggested.

Any other moniker for Negreanu would practically be a shame. However, considering what happened in Korea, it may be essential. What’s important to remember is that age is only a number, and as the adage goes, “many a nice song performed on an old violin.”

Negreanu may be too old for certain Korean bars, but he’s still youthful enough to win at the top level of poker. Even as he approaches 50, he is still at the peak of his game, defeating men 20 years his junior. So, even though Negreanu lost this round, he’s still winning in life on OKBET Poker Player. Furthermore, he may return to Las Vegas, where his raises and age are respected.

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