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Please feel free to contact me with article ideas or queries for future articles. When I conduct live seminars, we spend the first three hours lecturing, then break for lunch and spend the afternoon performing live hand labs. In these, I deal with pupils who are attempting to play their best game. They display their cards at the conclusion of the hand, and I give criticism and commentary.


In 2019, I released FossilMan’s Winning Tournament Methods, a 42-chapter book that covers all of the fundamental ideas of tournament winning, as well as many of the more advanced strategies. This book is similar to the lecture component of my lectures. However, I’ve been working on a second book and decided it should be more like the live hand labs.

I’ll go OKBET Poker over many dozen hands I’ve played and break down each choice along the road for this book. Although not quite completed, I thought it would be nice to share some of those hands here.

Our first hand took place at the 2019 World Series of Poker. Early on, I was competing in event no. 53, an eight-handed deepstack no-limit hold’em tournament. With a 25,000 stack, I was in the 400 big blind.

The cutoff, who had me covered with a 33,000 stack, was the major villain in this hand. I’d seen him make multiple massive OKBET in prior hands, sometimes bluffing, sometimes strong. His stack size has gone up and down at OKBET Casino.

Our primary villain called, and I raised to 3,600 with ASpade Suit KSpade Suit after UTG opened for 1,100. The villain called after UTG folded. I checked the flip of ADiamond Suit 10Club Suit 2Club Suit in the hopes of provoking a massive OKBET, but he checked behind.

I placed a little stake of 3,000 on the 9Heart Suit turn card, and he called. I examined the river, expecting for a hefty bet, and it was the KHeart Suit. He complied by going all-in, and I made the decision.

We may argue that we should simply call the initial raise since we are out of position against two opponents and can check-fold the flip if we miss. Furthermore, if we strike, our opponents may not place us in such a great position at OKBET Poker.


By re-raising, we may win the pot immediately, and if not, we are putting additional chips into the pot with what is most certainly the better hand. Also, we’re gaining ground and may occasionally win the pot with a continuation bet even if we lose.

If they call our re-raise with a little hand, they may fold when we continuation bet the flip and they face numerous overcards. This is a circumstance in which you alternate between calling and re-raising, and you make your decision based on various considerations each time. In this situation, I choose to re-raise since the villain is likely to reply with a massive four-bet and will not need a premium hand to do so.

Despite the possibility of flush draws at OKBET Poker, this is an excellent flop for our hand. We have top pair, and slow-playing gives the impression that we have a huge pair (K-K through 9-9) rather than an ace. That’s why I checked the flip, trying to get this aggressive guy to bluff. When playing against a single opponent, my primary approach is to always c-bet. But in this case, I chose an exploitative method.

I was still representing a massive pocket pair that couldn’t defeat an ace on the turn. I think betting modest rather than checking conveyed the tale better. I’m still trying to get the huge bet from the villain. On the river, I assumed he didn’t have much since all draws were missed and he wouldn’t call a bet. So I looked to see if I could get a bluff.

As it turned out, the adversary had crushed the flop with A-2 offsuit, so I was really fortunate to strike the river.

Let’s take a look at things from the villain’s point of view. It is a HUGE error to call the initial raise with A-2 offsuit. This is especially true when the raise comes from UTG, a position in which they are likely to hold a powerful hand. Even if he was wearing A-2, this is a huge error. Then he compounds the error by calling my re-raise. He has now contributed around 13% of the effective stack with a hand that is very difficult to play successfully post-flop.

What happens if the flip is Q-10-2 and I bet at OKBET? That would have been a fantastic flip for him, as he would have gone from being far behind to well ahead. But is he really going to summon me with the bottom pair? How certain can he be calling even a more harmless flop like 9-7-2? And what if I place another bet on the turn or river? His hand was clearly a fold before the flip.


His check-back is good on the flip. He’s struck big, and a check from him appears sensible no matter what cards he’s holding. But why not gamble instead? His image is aggressive, therefore he should understand that we anticipate him to wager if we demonstrate weakness. I would not have checked-folded the flip if I had been holding a hand like K-K against him. Because I checked, I would anticipate him to bluff regularly here.

OKBET Casino, it is critical that you keep an eye on your image and understand what other players think of you. You should never do anything extra to create an image, but you should constantly be conscious of the picture you have generated by playing the way you have. If you’ve been handed a lot of fantastic cards, have been betting and raising a lot, but haven’t lost any showdowns, your image is loose and aggressive, maybe even wild and insane. It doesn’t matter how tight you really play if this is all your opponents have seen of you.


On the turn, when I bet modest, the villain should have raised. If I have a bad hand on this board, I’m not going to bet on the river again. I’m also not going to check-call the river when he calls this turn bet. He should raise immediately since just calling is unlikely to provide more benefit for him. Again, doing so is often viewed as an effort to steal, therefore I am less likely to fold to his bet than I would against most other players at OKBET Casino.

Finally, his river bet is ridiculous. What are the chances that I have much of anything, in his opinion? What are the chances that I will call off my whole stack rather than fold and continue with a playable stack of 18,000 if I don’t have much? He could only receive value on this river if I had a hand like A-Q or A-J. His massive bet, on the other hand, is quite bluffy, so I may call light some of the time. However, I believe that this action is already too late. Instead, he should have done it on the turn.

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